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Is Reinstate 48 a political party?

No.  Reinstate 48 is simply an initiative to restore direct democracy to the Irish Constitution.  Having said that, we do like a good party!

Is Direct Democracy Ireland behind the R48 initiative?

No.  However the R48 initiative and Direct Democracy Ireland share the same goal.  The reintroduction of direct democracy into the Irish constitution.

Who is behind Reinstate 48?

A group of people (with no political allegiances) that believe, as the founders of the Irish Free State did, that Ireland would be better governed if the people had the direct power to make, mould, amend and repeal their own laws.  Also anyone who makes the R48 Pledge and spreads the word about the R48 initiative is also an essential part of the R48 Team.

The Reinstate 48 Organising Committee members include James Coyle, Hilary Dully, Marie Louise Kenny, Stephen Mulcahy, Donal O'Brolcháin and Líadain von der Decken.

Where does the R48 initiative get its funding?

The R48 initiative has been funded to date by its founders.   The R48 initiative is an entirely volunteer initiative.  No one involved in the R48 initiative is recieving any payment for their work.

Does Reinstate 48 accept financial donations?

We are currently running our first crowdfunding appeal.  The purpose of the appeal is to raise €2,500 to cover the costs of designing and printing 300 large (A0 size) R48 Election posters.  The objective of the posters is to try and raise awareness of the R48 initiative amongst voters during the 2016 General Election campaign.  The posters will be erected in high profile public locations by volunteers.  If you support the R48 initiative then please consider making a small donation to this crowdfunding appeal.

How can I get involved?

We are delighted you asked this question.  What took you so long?  Reinstate 48 is an entirely a volunteer initiative. There are no campaign funds to promote the R48 initiative on TV and radio. Therefore, in order for the R48 initiative to be successful, we are all dependant on each other to "Spread the Word".  Please visit the R48 "Spread the Word" web page on this site to inform your family, friends and colleagues of the Reinstate 48 initiative.

Will Ireland descent into chaos if we have direct democracy?

Switzerland has been governed by a system of direct democracy for over 150 years.  Perhaps that’s why Switzerland has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe (circa 4%) and why the Swiss enjoy what is generally regarded as the best universal health care system in the world.  Chaos.  What Chaos?

If Article 48 is put back into the Irish constitution will it signal the coming of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse?

No.   When Article 48 is put back into the Irish constitution it will simply be the first step in the process of introducing direct democracy into Ireland.   The next step, as stipulated in Article 48, requires that within two years the Oireachtas make the appropriate laws to allow people to initiate their own laws through a process of petitions and referendums.  If the Oireachtas fails to meet this deadline then upon a petition of 75,000 signatures being presented to the Dail, the Oireachtas will “either make such provisions or submit the question to the people for decision in accordance with the ordinary regulations governing the Referendum” (Article 48).

What is direct democracy?

Direct democracy is the terms given to a system of governance whereby the people have the direct power to make, mould, amend and repeal their own laws by means of petitions and referendums.  Switzerland, aside from cuckoo clocks, is famous for its system of direct democracy which has successfully governed the country for over 150 years.   Watch this short video to see how direct democracy works in Switzerland.

If I make the Reinstate 48 pledge will I receive a complementary set of steak knives?

No.  However you will greatly increase the chance of bringing about a fundamental change in the political system in Ireland under which we are all governed.   Once a direct democracy system is in place, future governments will no longer be able to make laws which the majority of people do not wish to have.  Of greater importance, people will be able to initiate their own proposals for laws and have these put to a national referendum. 

Can I revoke my R48 Pledge?

No.  R48 Pledges, unlike election promises, cannot be revoked.

"Power to the People"